Sunday, October 13, 2013

Farewell to U my dear Alcohol.

"U ve been a very good fren bt now u are acting strange and demanding too much from me.. Now U ve started drinking me..I almost killed the GOAT.. so, i ll have to break up with you after exactly a year of wonderful relationship..Thank U for teaching me 2 dance anywhere i felt like dancing and boosting my confidence level. i shall always remember those elated moments.
But, recently, U made me crawl on all four over muddy puddles and forced me to sleep in those DIRTY drains..I even got AMNESIA;i still cant rememba how i reached home from the BAR..i dont want to miss anymore moments of my life.."

your's truely,


Note: I wrote this after i got ridiculously drunk during Gomphu Kora in March, 2013.